In a world defined by change, fashion has begun to play an increasingly important role in an individual’s life. A means of self-expression, status and spirit, the garments we choose help us identify with, whether it is a lifestyle, profession, a religion, or an attitude. Simultaneously fashion helps define a society, embracing traditions and bridging cultures in innovative ways. In some ways, fashion is synonymous with freedom, empowering both the designer and the individual to explore their creative sides and express themselves in ways never before; this is true not just for the liberty to take fashion to the extreme, but also for the liberty to reinterpret or transform conventional garments.

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are united by the reality that all all cultures are distinct. Inspired by this duality in philosophy, we at United Designers present a unique amalgamation of tradition and trend through handcrafted collections that evoke images of the Grand Bazaar yet exude a sense of glamour. True to our name, we embody the philosophy of finding unity in diversity; seamlessly bridging cultures and customs from across Arabia to redefine all known norms of fashion.


Our designs are not for everyone; they are for the discerning woman of today who prefers exclusivity. They don’t blindly follow trends, they tastefully set them. At the same time, we understand the difference between unconventional and unattainable, which is why our collections epitomize value without compromising on quality.

Being a Middle Eastern fashion label, we are proud to underline our roots and much of the ideas around the label originated from specific cultural lifestyle choices that find inspiration in the personas of actresses and singers from the region across the region. We find our muse not in one specific place, but in little details that make each Arabian culture distinct from the other. Blending the clean lines of contemporary couture with the traditional embellishments that punctuate Arabesque attire, our showstoppers include abayas, kaftans, eveningwear and more.


Warm, welcoming and exuding luxury, our store is designed to blend a sense of the familiar and the new. Flaunting the grandeur of the traditional souks of the Middle East, combined with the classic elegance of understated fixtures and embellishments, it creates a unique space where creativity thrives.

The collections housed within the store are almost an extension of the space itself; one-of-a-kind pieces curated according to the latest international trends as well as local cultural sensitivities, they appeal to the discerning woman of today who prefers exclusivity.

Our couture concierges are on hand to help navigate the world of fashion; rest assured they can help with any query, from advice on the perfect garment for a special occasion to recommendations on styling, makeup and accessories.